Vibration Plate Exercise Machine,Vibration Platform Exercise Machine with Loop Bands,Vibration Platform for Home Fitness Training

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SKU: 202205241652r7l
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Color Black

Material Plastic

Display Type LCD

About this item

Appearance characteristics: Large size 32*19*7 inches,Vibration plate exercise machine have a bigger platform to support you standing and moving, Maximum weight 330LBS.

Body Exercising: The vibration plate exercise machine helps you to exercise your body.You will having an unexpected surprise,if you stick to using vibration platform 10-20 minutes everyday.

For Fitness: You should using SOMODE vibration platform exercise machine warm-up your whole body before you doing exercise,also you can try using this exercising machine to get muscle relaxation after you exercsing.You will have more fun with this product!

Advantage: More powerful: vibration platform 1-120 speed,More stable: vibration plate having four Non-slip suckers on the bottom; More texture: surface made by bake paint materials.

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