Fujitsu CG01000-282501 fi-7160 Sheetfed Scanner

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Designed to boost your productivity, the Fujitsu fi-7160 document scanner uses advanced technology to deliver better paper handling. It features powerful software that improves the quality of your scanned paperwork.

Work Faster With the Fujitsu fi-7160 Document Scanner

With a scanning speed of up to 60 ppm and 120 ipm, this Fujitsu document scanner helps you work more efficiently. This 600 dpi document scanner avoids time-consuming rescans with multi-feed detection, automatic image cleanup and skew prevention. In addition, this versatile device allows you to work with different kinds of media, such as sticky notes, ID cards, taped receipts and long sheets up to 18.3ft (5.5m). It won't damage delicate documents, thanks to the Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection feature.

Powerful Software Included

Fujitsu's PaperStream IP software makes the document scanner work seamlessly with ISIS? or TWAIN-compatible applications for better quality. Its innovative Assisted Scan function makes rescanning easier by letting you choose between different scans of the same documents, directly from your computer screen. PaperStream Capture reads the barcodes and patch codes on your documents to help you organize them more efficiently. The intuitive interface of both applications means you spend less time training your employees.

Manage Multiple Scanners From the Same Software

Scanner Central Admin Suite is useful for large organizations that need to manage multiple Fujitsu document scanners in the same network. It allows you to change the settings and perform updates on multiple devices from a single screen. For added convenience, the software simultaneously shows the status of every scanner in the network.